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A Video Compilation Prepared By A Final Fantasy 7 Fan That Demonstrates How Members Of The Party’s Limit Breaks Can Fail During Combat

Final Fantasy 7, one of Square Enix’s most well-known Final Fantasy titles, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Even though most of the fanbase is probably pleased about the news of the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2, some still go back to the original game and replay it. For example, the party’s potent Limit Break moves can malfunction during a fight, as seen by a fan’s compilation of flaws from the original Final Fantasy 7 game.

Limit Breaks debuted in the Final Fantasy series, with Final Fantasy 7 in particular. Following suit, numerous games in the franchise, including FF8, FF9, FF10, and others, appropriated and used the phrase. Limit Breaks are substantially unchanged in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, requiring that the player fill up a bar before performing the move. However, the total amount of these moves, as well as how the player gets them throughout the game, have been altered in the remake.

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User Expert Jury9098 published a compilation video of all the Limit Break bugs they discovered in the original Final Fantasy 7 game on Reddit. The four-minute length of the video will probably surprise viewers. The video depicts the Emerald Weapon battle from Final Fantasy 7. One of the challenging bosses that can be faced in the game’s last chapter is possibly Emerald Weapon, which players will likely remember. The video’s noticeable flaws include characters’ Limit Breaks repeatedly repeating themselves or characters whirling around while performing their skills.

As a result of Final Fantasy, seven characters repeating their Limit Break moves or spinning for no apparent reason, comments on the Reddit topic deemed the compilation video by Expert Jury9098 humorous. Some people wanted to know how the Redditor had managed to cause the issues.

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The remade trilogy version of the Emerald Weapon won’t be available for a while since it only appears in the final chapters of Final Fantasy 7. The ending of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s tale hasn’t been specified, so it’s possible that these challenging bosses will only be present in the third installment of the trilogy.