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A Steam Page For Kritika Global Is Available. Blockchain-Based MMORPG Kritika Global Has Been Relaunched

The MMORPG Kritika Online reappeared as Kritika Global six months after shutting down the servers. Additionally, a brand-new business model was added: Play-To-Earn took the place of Free-To-Play, and at the same time, blockchain was “fastened” to NFT. The game now has a Steam official page.

It is important to note that Kritika Global has a page on Steam only today, despite being available on the official website for three weeks.

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Kritika Global is renowned for its fighting system, which has the quickest, most exciting, and stunning “skirmishes” of any MMORPG. However, only time can tell whether this will prevent the project from failing again. Until August 9th, there is a Steam launch festival event where playing can earn you gifts once per account. Among the rewards are pets, costume boxes, money, and other items. In addition, you’ll receive some high-level bonus stuff in your mailbox if you play and hit level 70 by August 9th.

The Siege War competitive guild feature is a new addition to Kritika Global’s first significant upgrade. In order to claim a castle’s domain, guilds might compete against one another in this mode. Victorious players will, of course, enjoy control and the opportunity to gain unique rewards. Battles in that event, which takes place every Saturday, will go into Sunday. The winning guild receives stat boosts and money. Of course, higher-level castles offer better prizes. Monthly PVP tournaments for players with levels 70 and up are also included in the update. In addition, players from all over the world can now participate in competitions. In a previous post, The MMORPG Kritika Online is anticipating another rebirth after the funeral; it was revealed at the end of May. Com2Us and ALLM staff members decided to redesign the game and release a new version under the Kritika Global banner.

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The inclusion of blockchain technology, NFT, and the Pay-to-Earn system (play and earn) were the game’s main points of differentiation. And now, MMORPG Kritika Global has officially launched worldwide.