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A Second Book By Michelle Obama Titled ‘Rising Tide of Intolerance’ Will Be Published

This year’s October should see the release of Michelle Obama ‘s book. The publisher claims that the book will discuss the methods used by the 44th president’s wife to combat the “rising wave of extremism and intolerance,” which has only grown more relevant at present.

The book, which will undoubtedly be autobiographical in character, is described in its official blurb as “Fresh stories, intelligent observations on change, challenge, and power.”

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One of the already-expressed theses was that the motivation to try for the best and bring others together comes from one’s own respect for oneself and understanding of one’s own frailty.

Becoming Michelle Obama’s debut book was published four years ago. By the way, she earned the author, as per Forbes, the distinction of being one of the most paid writers of the year.

Additionally, the Netflix-produced series “First Lady” had its premiere in the spring of this year. In speaking, Michelle Obama is prepared to share memories and tales from her husband’s two years as president with the public.

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It should be remembered that the first lady acts independently of her husband and is a wholly separate media character.

On November 15, the book will be made available worldwide, four years after Becoming’s publication.

From her early years in Chicago’s South Side through her adventures as the country’s first Black first lady, Becoming followed Obama’s life. According to the publisher, it has sold more than 17 million copies worldwide across all platforms and has been translated into 50 different languages.


Obama claimed that the book’s purpose is to provide light and balance to gloomier times. She said in the video message, “Maybe we’ll be a bit steadier with the awareness that none of us needs to go through any of this alone.