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A Remake Of One Of The Best Vintage Star Wars: Dark Forces Shooters Is Coming

Possibly coming back soon is one of the best old Star Wars video games. This is not the first time a developer has hinted at a Star Wars: Dark Forces remake; they also worked on the System Shock remake, and the Quake remaster released last year.

Star Wars Dark Forces, a brilliant shooter made by LucasArts a long time ago that still ranks among the finest shooters and served as a springboard for the fantastic Jedi Knight series, is still one of the best shooters. Nightdive Studios, who have completed similar remasters for games like Quake, Blood, Turok, and others, are the most qualified to do this for this game.

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Stephen Kick, the chief executive officer of Nightdive, has previously expressed a desire for his company to work on a Dark Forces remaster.

In response to a tweet, the CEO of Nightdive posted a picture of Dark Forces playing on a 4:3 monitor.

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These potential indicators, while not proof of a Dark Forces remake, are similar to what transpired before previous remasters were released.

Given its clear effect on Rogue One and The Mandalorian, Dark Forces undoubtedly needs a modern remaster and re-release. We’ll have to wait and see, but on August 18 at Quakecon, the Quake II remake will presumably be revealed first.

Early in 2005, Lucasfilm Games, then known as LucasArts, produced and published Star Wars: Republic Commando for the Xbox and PC. Players take on the role of the squad leader of a group of four elite clone troopers as the unit completes objectives on numerous planets during the Clone Wars.

Owners of the Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S have the option to play the game on current Microsoft gaming hardware, despite the fact that the remaster is not coming to Xbox consoles. When backward compatibility was introduced by Microsoft in 2018, Star Wars: Republic Commando was among the many Xbox original games that could be played.