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A Release Date And A New Teaser Displaying The Game’s Present Condition Are Announced For The Slash-em-up Title Wanted Dead

Nobody really knew what to expect at the Tokyo Game Show when 110 Industries hit the stage last year. The publisher’s fifty-minute introduction video, which renowned game designer Yu Suzuki introduced, quickly made it plain that it was an organization out to make a statement. A classic hack-and-slash zombie game, Wanted: Dead, was one of three fascinating new projects unveiled when the video ended.

The publisher has described the violent adventure game as “an AAA love letter to the sixth generation of home consoles. As a result, it has attracted a lot of interest from fans of the hack-and-slash genre. The game was developed by Soleil and a sizable portion of the same team that worked on the Ninja Gaiden reboot titles and Dead or Alive 5. The publisher has now announced a brand-new trailer and the game’s release date after nearly a full year and innumerable Twitter teases.

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The Wanted: Dead release date is revealed in the release date video, which combines a sizable amount of gameplay footage with gorgeous anime-style graphics and live-action views of Stefanie Joosten, the actress, and cut-scene director best known for her work on MGS 5. In a previous clip, it was already stated that the game would be made available on PC, current-generation and previous-generation PlayStation and Xbox platforms, and Steam.

You’ll have some free time to enjoy yourself when you’re not out traveling or shooting zombies. Arcade games, playing crane, going for dubious rewards, and destroying nightclubs in ways that would make Kiryu and company incredibly proud are just a few of the squad’s leisure pursuits.

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A series of stylish animated sequences that aid the story’s development is interwoven throughout this. Even though it has, up until now, slipped under our notice, Wanted: Dead looks like a title worth keeping an eye on if you want your action with a dash of oddity and fun.