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A Player Of Tower Of Fantasy Finds A Troubling Issue This Problem Loses A Whole Perspective In The 3D Action Game

Players of Tower of Fantasy have finally managed to play the game for a long enough period to discover some strange glitches and uncover some valuable insights after suffering through startup waits and login issues that required incentives from the developers as an apology.

The worldwide response to Tower of Fantasy swiftly showed that Hotta Studio’s cautions about the game’s “many flaws” were fully justified. The science fiction MMO has a sizable number of bugs. However, many are amusing, such as the bug that turns your character into a giant.

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As they begin to explore the unpolished Genshin clone, players are reporting all kinds of bizarre errors and glitches. A few people are growing significantly for no apparent reason, while some are being catapulted into the endgame while others are sliding beneath the map. The finest bug, discovered by Twitch broadcaster SivHD, changes the genre of Tower of Fantasy completely.

Contrarily, players have discovered that faulty artifacts can flatten your character to the point that they are practically 2D. Additionally, some cosmetic goods tend to malfunction occasionally, transforming avatars into polygonal monsters.

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Assuming they can even get the game to start, as many PC players have also experienced blue screen crashes, a lot, and I mean a lot, of people are plummeting through the gaming world.

However, not all of the revelations are unfortunate. For example, one gamer discovered a simple way to scale any surface without spending stamina, effectively allowing you to climb even the steepest walls indefinitely.

Additionally, there have been a few modest yet significant advancements in character customization. Players have combined tattoos and other markings to create even more bespoke features for Tower of Fantasy, which already has many choices and sliders. These elements seem remarkably natural in-game.