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A Player Of Dark Souls 3 Reveals What They Larned About How Te Life-Draining Lantern Strikes Of The Famed Jailer Adversary Function

Even with a very active community, FromSoftware’s RPGs are frequently so large and complex that learning everything there is to know about each game might take years. It holds for both Elden Ring and earlier FromSoftware games, such as the Dark Souls series. For instance, one of the game’s players made a recent discovery involving the mechanics of the iconic Jailer enemy’s assaults in Dark Souls 3. So naturally lessens some of the Dark Souls 3 Jailer’s frightening aura.

Dark Souls 3’s hidden mechanics were revealed in a video by Reddit user Luvonir. He was using some sort of tool to show them. Their post’s title reads, “YSK: Jailer’s life draining lantern is a quick firing projectile that is fired from their waist,” The post’s accompanying video clarifies what it is all about. However, perhaps some further information is required to explain what that implies for Dark Souls 3 players and why it’s such a funny and frustrating surprise.

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Dark Souls 3’s Jailer is notorious for a reason. The JailerJailer appears to start stealing the player’s health bar without resistance when they are encountering, raising their lantern. As a result, the player’s life meter will deplete. Additionally, there doesn’t seem to be an assault to dodge. The only obvious method to prevent it is to stay away from the JailerJailer in the first place because it is unseen. But this latest information radically changes how we think about this attack.

This type of straightforward layout is a prime illustration of how FromSoftware employs short concepts to create more terrible opponents and a more problematic situation. Making the orbs invisible and giving the impression that the adversary’s lantern light is harming will make an enemy that shoots limitless projectiles from its waist less terrifying. Undoubtedly, FromSoftware occasionally exhibits a harsh side.

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Players cannot see the attacks of the Jailer of Dark Souls 3 in-game. Therefore, traditionally, backtracking into the environment of Dark Souls 3 will need dealing with Jailers.