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A New Expansion For Halo Infinite Is Coming The Following Week

The following week brings a fresh update for Halo Infinite. On August 9, 2022, the Drop Pod upgrade for the game’s free multiplayer mode will go live. Since then, further information regarding the update’s features has come to light.

Drop Pod, according to 343 Industries, primarily concentrates on several enhancements to the player experience in various areas.

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On August 9, 2022, a small number of new features that could slightly enhance the gameplay will be included in between progress and other things.

The Mark VII helmet has also received accessories in reaction to user requests for a greater level of interoperability with new modifications.

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Additional multiplayer ranked playlists will increase the number of alternatives for various match types in terms of game modes. The foundation for the Region Select option, which would later be completely implemented to reduce player pings, was also built with the advent of the Drop Pod update.

The majority of the August 9 Drop Pod update, according to the Drop Pod preview post, lays the “groundwork” for better quality-of-life features, such as region selection and the capability for 343 to “simply introduce more Ranked playlists further future.”

The Halo Infinite team added that they would experiment with adding more ranked playlists in the future and will keep an eye on Ranked Doubles after the game’s release.

Fans will have a better understanding of the maps and game modes that will be included in the Ranked Doubles and social Team Doubles playlists after the complete patch notes for the August 9 Drop Pod are made available when the update goes live.

In a previous post, The Forge beta is scheduled to come in September. Although the precise release date of the mode is unknown, since a second Forge open beta is scheduled for Season 3 at the end of the Season 2 roadmap, we don’t anticipate Forge to be included in the live game until late 2022 or early 2023.