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A Huge Star Fox Mod Including New Stages, Aircraft, Weaponry, And Multiplayer

A group of modders led by a certain KandoWontu has added several more stages, more ships, a few extra weaponry, and even online to Star Fox. This follows a significant leak that exposed the source code for several other Nintendo video games, as well as this cult classic, back in July of 2020.

As soon as October 2022, the aforementioned mod, Star Fox Exploration Showcase, might be released. The first version of the game was made available on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System on February 21, 1993.

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The information was obtained via a Time Extension conversation with KandoWontu. The modder reportedly grew up playing Star Fox, which gave him plenty of incentive to examine the stolen source code.

KandoWontu recalled, “I certainly remember being astounded by the 3D graphics on the SNES, and I don’t believe I ever observed any lag at the moment.

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Of course, in hindsight, now replaying the original game can be excruciatingly slow at times, but that was the enchantment of it! It was definitely a memorable game because of that and the Nintendo Power problems that were blowing it up.

Originally, the goal of the Star Fox Exploration Showcase was modest: it was to allow the all-range mode from Star Fox 2 and to incorporate some camera controls made by another modder, Starxxon. Naturally, the project’s scope eventually grew significantly.

“I then reasoned, “Why not create the ships interchangeably? The weaponry, too? KandoWontu noted that before you knew it, I was introducing additional functions and secret codes.

Then one day, I discovered how to create a simple toggle menu! Currently, I’ve created a complete second map beside the original, which is still playable and intact. Three new courses, a hidden level, new scenery, foes, bosses, soundtrack, and a lot more can be found on the updated map.”