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A Devoted World Of Warcraft Player Spent Four Years Earning The Invincible

Some World of Warcraft players spends considerable time achieving particular objectives. Bingo1, a Livestream, joined the ranks of the insane people who played World of Warcraft for four years straight to obtain Invincible’s Reins, the legendary Lich King’s mount.

The significance of “Invincible” is more important than its color. After all, Arthas Menethil’s trusty servant horse was this one. And when he rose to power as the Lich King, he chose to bring him back as an undead creature.

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World of Warcraft users can only access his “dead” version. Of course, assuming that is possible to do in Icecrown Citadel. Naturally, it is on Heroic difficulty. Additionally, this raid only happens once a week because it requires 25 players.

Additionally, after adjustments were made in 2020 that made it impossible for players to alter the difficulty level, Invincible has been harder to defeat. In other words, obtaining a well-known horse presents a unique obstacle.

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Further, into the broadcast, Bingo1 mentions that they made their initial attempt to obtain the mount in 2013 while playing the Mists of Pandaria expansion. However, they didn’t “consistently” start aiming for it until the Battle For Azeroth expansion in 2018. Though things really took off during the last four years, that’s still roughly nine years of pursuing the mount.

If you want to obtain this one, you must successfully finish the Icecrown Citadel, a 25-player raid that serves as one of the expansion’s last encounters for the Wrath of the Lich King.

Although level creep has made that less of a hardship than it may have been in 2009, each character is only allowed to complete the raid once each week. We’re talking about slim chances when we factor in a 1% decrease rate.

It’s also important to note that Bingo1 hasn’t had the best of luck. Since Battle for Azeroth debuted in August 2018, there have been roughly 200 weeks. Assuming they’ve taken advantage of the majority of those weekly raiding opportunities, you’d think they’d have it by now.