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A Crimson Power Ranger May Be Seen In The New Overwatch Genji Skin

The third and final Anniversary Remix event for Overwatch has begun, when famous legendary and epic skins from the game’s history will receive remixed color variations.

The typical Overwatch seasonal events, in this case, Summer Games, have been replaced by the Anniversary Remix events. The majority of the skins were enticing variant versions of skins that have grown to be fan favorites over time. A skin created by the design team for what is thought to be the final Overwatch event before the release of Overwatch 2 is getting rave reviews.

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The skins for Overwatch don’t hold back when referencing popular culture. For instance, D. Va’s Cruiser skin evokes the vintage automobiles, and milkshake stands from the 1960s.

In this Overwatch Anniversary Remix Volume 3 event, Baptiste’s Funky skin and Tracer’s comic book skin both received new colorways and drew inspiration from many eras and locales.

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A skin that gained a lot of popularity the first time around for subtly referencing legendary media is now openly embracing its influence, and Overwatch fans are adoring it.

In this event’s Sentai skin version, Genji’s new “Genjiman” skin has lost its subtlety and wholly transformed into a Red Power Ranger tribute. Due to its resemblance to the Green Ranger, the original Genji Sentai skin was initially introduced in 2017 as part of Overwatch’s First Anniversary celebrations.

As the development team continues working on Overwatch 2, the community’s response to the Anniversary Remix events has been muted. Some are unhappy that recolored old skins are being marketed as “new.”

There has always been at least one skin in each Anniversary Remix Volume that has garnered positive feedback from the fans, despite the generally adverse reactions. Even though these skins are considered “simply recolors,” their color scheme and attention are exceptional and serve as a fitting farewell for Overwatch.